Keen on clean!

Developments in the field of contamination control are being announced in rapid succession.
Organizations in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and food industries are also faced with increasingly strict requirements with regard to their dust- and germ-free areas, such as cleanrooms and operating rooms. Contamination control therefore requires continuous attention.

Jans Control, located in the heart of the Brainport region, is a specialized training and consultancy agency in the area of controlled environments (CE). We are specialized in improving and finding solutions in the field of CE training and contamination control-related challenges. Jans Control is Keen on Clean!

Cleanroom Academy

A clean working environment down to a microscopic level is essential in the pharmaceutical, high-tech and food industries. A minuscule dust particle or micro-organism can have disastrous consequences in a controlled environment (CE) such as a cleanroom or operating room. Therefore, only CE-certified persons are allowed to enter such areas. We train these specialists in the High Tech, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

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Contamination Control

Contamination Control means the control of contaminants. In other words, all activities aimed at controlling the existence, growth and spread of contaminants in certain areas. Controlling these contaminants relates to both the atmosphere and surfaces and includes both (fine) particles and microorganisms. Jans Control will face the challenge with you to get and keep your controlled environment within the desired specifications.

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Products & Innovations

Jans Control knows better than anyone how important it is to innovate. The controlled environment industry is continuously challenged to work even better and cleaner. That is only possible if we keep up with the times and keep thinking ahead about what the future will bring us. Jans Control is always looking for innovations in the market to be able to serve the customer even better.

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