Contamination Control

Developments in the field of contamination control are being announced in rapid succession. Organizations in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and food industries are also faced with increasingly strict requirements with regard to their high care areas, such as cleanrooms and operating theatres. Contamination control therefore requires continuous attention.

Jans Control, located in the heart of the Brainport region, is a specialized training and consultancy agency in the area of controlled environments (CE). We are specialized in improving and finding solutions in the field of contamination control-related challenges in the High Tech, Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

Quality Control

Cleaning and hygiene are essential to meet current cleanroom standards. A visual check alone is not enough. Jans Control has developed a check that also leads to the core of the problem in conditioned and controlled areas.

  • Airborne Particles
  • Particle Deposition
  • Microbiological monitoring

Jans Control has the right equipment and partners to perform any Controlled Environment (CE) check. Werner Jansen is also affiliated with the Vereniging Schoonmaak Research (VSR) as an inspector.

After each check, you will receive a clear report with recommendations aimed at improving your process or preventing disasters. After a visit from Jans Control, you are ready for inspection and ready to start production in your clean environment.

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Cleanroom Assessment / Go & See

Using the 6P=P principle, your cleanroom is mapped and the points for attention are made clear. The points of attention are processed in a report and discussed with you. Depending on the question, 1 or more P’s are included in the go & see.

6 P = P Assessment

P1 Product
Cleaning time
Packaging conform spec

P2 Production Tools
Cleanliness specification
Transport tooling cleanliness
Cleaning tooling
Inspection tooling

P3 Procedure
Inspection & Cleaning steps
Cleanroom cleaning
Cleanroom monitoring

P4 Plant
Work Center design/layout
Cleanroom cleaning
Cleanroom monitoring

P5 People
Training materials
Quality Gowning/Garments
Operational performance

P6 Parts
Production start w clean parts
DN/MN in place
Quality Control & Innovations

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Processen & Procedures

Jans Control can support you with:

  1. Checking your cleanroom processes and procedures.
  2. Writing your cleanroom processes and procedures.
  3. Are you Inspection Ready?

Examples of processes and procedures with which Jans Control can help you:

  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Washing & Disinfecting hands
  • Changing procedure
  • Establishing infection prevention procedures and protocols
  • How do I behave during my work
  • Working aseptic
  • Microbiology general
  • Material procedures
  • Monitoring procedures
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Products & Innovations

Jans Control has a large network of suppliers and can provide you with the right advice for every challenge. Jans Control knows better than anyone how important it is to innovate. The controlled environment industry is continuously challenged to work even better and cleaner. That is only possible if we keep up with the times and keep thinking ahead about what the future will bring us. Jans Control is always looking for innovations in the market to be able to serve the customer even better.

Jans Control offering:

  • UV-C equipment
  • UV lamps
  • Particle deposition monitoring
  • Airborne particle monitoring
  • Cleaning agents & Materials
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Interim Management

Sometimes a problem or challenge requires a long-term approach. Then, too, organizations can turn to Jans Control.

Jans Control’s roots lie in facility management. Werner Jansen subsequently specialized in contamination control with training and work experience. This cross-pollination of expertise and experiences makes him a suitable interim manager for numerous issues at the interface of cleaning, hygiene and facility.

Jans Control offers solutions for interim assignments, such as change management, transition guidance and tenders, but also in case of emergencies. Jans Control has a very versatile team in the field of facilities, contamination control, quality control and pharmaceutical specialism.

Branches in which Jans Control is active are semi-conductor, pharma, health, food and government. The team, the pragmatic working method and the hands-on mentality fit in perfectly with illness or understaffing at management level, resolving emergencies or change processes. Interim management always concerns a clearly defined assignment in terms of time and responsibilities. Mutual agreements are of course laid down in an agreement.

Integral assignments
Jans Control can identify bottlenecks by checking, issuing advice based on this and then solving the identified bottlenecks as an interim manager. You have one point of contact and can rely on a thorough approach.

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