About Jans Control

The owner and founder of Jans Control is Werner Jansen. He has been involved in cleaning and disinfection of controlled environments for more than 20 years. Werner gained his work experience at, among other places, Vebego, Océ-Canon, MSD, Organon and ASML.

Core values of Jans Control are:

  • central
  • coordinating
  • connecting parties
  • steadfastness
  • controlled
  • in control
  • balanced
  • no nonsense
  • A promise is a promise

After nearly fifteen years in various positions, Werner started Jans Control in 2014. Since then he has been involved in training and advice in the field of contamination control, quality control and interim management.

Werner is committed to quality. That is why he is a member of the VCCN (Vereniging Contamination Control Nederland), Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform and Brainport. He is also a registered VSR inspector (Vereniging Schoonmaak Research).

Jans Control BV is a member of: